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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size cake to order?

When designing your cake you need to consider whether the cake is to be served as dessert or as a small piece to have with coffee, this is the main factor in knowing what size you require. It also depends on how many people you wish to serve. Please get a ruler to check the size before placing your order. Standard height of cake is approx 7.5cm, unless otherwise specified.


To give you an idea of the cost of your cake is quite complicated, but here are a few important things to remember that will affect the cost.

  • Amount of tiers you have
  • Intricate work on your cake, e.g. piping & filigree
  • Ribbons, crystals, diamantes and toppers, you may want to supply your own. We are happy for you to do this and we can supply you with the measurements and quantities you will need.
  • Flowers – generally sugar flowers will cost you more than fresh flowers.
  • Complexity of the design – many couples opt for unusual designs and cakes have to be physically shaped. As this is labour intensive, this will affect the cost,
  • “Dummy” cakes – often people think that having fake layers will work out cheaper. This is not true, as the cost of a cake is determined by the work that goes into the decoration and not just the type of cake.
  • Cupcakes – although this has become a popular choice for wedding cakes, it can often work out a lot more expensive, especially when catering for large numbers, as you are paying for each individual cake.

What cake flavours does Cake Bliss offer

Cake Bliss offers a wide selection of cake flavours.

We bake a variety of flavoured Mud cakes including Chocolate,Caramel,White,Banana Marble (a mixture of any two mud cake flavours). We also bake Butter cake,Chocolate Cake,Orange Poppy Seed Cake,Banana Cake and Carrot Cakeas well as a Traditional Fruit Cake. If you can’t see the flavour you would like here, please ask! All of our cakes are baked fresh on the premises made to order.



Can you help me design my cake?


Yes! At Cake Bliss we are only too happy to assist you in designing your cake. If you have a special theme in mind for your cake, it is a good idea to bring in colour samples and/or pictures of what you like so that we can help you design your ideal cake.We will help you every step of the way; from size, to colour and decoration, you can be assured that your cake will be perfect.




How far in advance do I need to order my cake, and do I need a deposit?

Generally we like 10 to 12 weeks notice for a wedding cake. For all other cakes 1 to 2 weeks notice is ample.

A deposit is required on all cake orders with the balance on wedding cakes due 1 week prior to delivery/pick up. All other cakes are payable on pick up. Deposit is payable by direct deposit. We do not accept credit cards.



Does Cake Bliss deliver cakes?

We will deliver your cake anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan area, however, delivery charges may apply. Generally, we will deliver your wedding cake for you, all other cakes are arranged to be picked up by yourself either on the day or the night before your event.

Getting a quote for your specialty cakes

Before placing an order, we invite you to browse through our online catalogue to get some ideas, the cakes you see on our website are only samples – your cake will be designed to your own specifications. If you can’t see the cake you are after, please don’t hesitate to ask!

When you are ready, fill in our enquiry form, giving us your specifications and we will contact you to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

Please read our polices before placing your order.